List of tables


Tab. I.1 Peak waterstages in 2005 requiring notification of the 2nd degree of flood emergency and those which exceeded 2-year event

Tab. II.1 Characteristic hydrological data at selected watergauging stations in hydrological year 2005

Tab. II.2 Mean daily flows at selected watergauging stations in 2005

Tab. II.3 Mean monthly yields at selected springs in 2005

Tab. II.4 Mean monthly water levels at selected boreholes in 2005

Tab. II.5 List of balance profiles of water amount divided according to balance regions

Tab. III.1 Frequency of values of selected parameters in groundwater samples in 2005 according to catchment regions

Tab. III.2  Mean annual concentrations and annual loads by suspended solids

Tab. III.3  Annual load of pollutants in suspended solids

Tab. V.1   State of snow storage in selected catchments 14. 3. 2005

Tab. V.2  Peak waterstages and corresponding discharges, which exceeded 5-year event

Tab. V.3  Differences between unaffected and affected N-year floods

Tab. P.1 Number of observing stations and localities in 2005

Tab. P.2 Analysed surface water quality parameters

Tab. P.3 Analysed groundwater quality parameters (boreholes and springs